• SUBMISSIVE – We are committed to the study of Scripture to discover fresh insights that can mold us into authentic disciples of Jesus.
  • PRAYERFUL – Both the leadership and individual members place priority on expressing their hearts to God. This practice is the lifeblood of the congregation.
  • WORSHIPFUL – We enthusiastically give God the glory in our worship. Our active participation in worship draws us closer to Him, His will, and each other.
  • COMPASSIONATE – We strive to see others as Christ did. Thus, as he empowers us, we seek to meet he needs of hurting people, both in the congregational family and the community.
  • ACCEPTING – We welcome all with mutual respect, transparency, and harmony, pointing others to the source of forgiveness: God in Christ.
  • We celebrate, support, and recognize the importance of families. We seek to strengthen them in ways that please God and honor each family member.


MISSION STATEMENT – Port Huron Church of Christ

Our mission is...

...to reach up in faith,

desiring God's Presence and discerning His Way.

...to reach in as family,

living cooperatively and joyously together.

...to reach out with compassion,

introducing the greater Port Huron community to Jesus.

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